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Please contact our admissions office via email: [email protected]

Alternatively, you may schedule a tour or call the office at
+1 (281) 240-0010

Continue reading to learn all about The Foundation Montessori admission program.

Our Enrollment Process Involves the Following Steps:

Step 1: Visit the School

A tour of the school is the best way to get a complete view of our school, programs, classrooms, curriculum, and teachers.

Step 2: Submit the Application

Please use the link below to start the application process.

Additional forms must be requested from our office.

A deposit fee and assessment fee (toddler and up) must be paid to register and secure a spot. Admissions are considered on a rolling basis as space becomes available.

Step 3: Submit Required Documents Prior to the First Day of School

These documents include all completed admissions forms, doctor's wellness form, vaccination record, Vision and hearing screening (Age 4 years+ only)

Ensure you have the supply list of what is needed prior to the First day of school.

Few Tips for the First Day of School

This is a special day for your child and your family. If your child has not been away from home before, please plan to make the first few days shorter than scheduled. This helps the child feel comfortable and allows for a smooth transition to school.

Please have the child eat breakfast at least 30 minutes prior to arriving at school. We suggest avoiding milk or reducing the amount on these days, especially if you expect that your child will cry. Often milk irritates the stomach adding to the discomfort of being away from home.

All school supplies must be dropped off at the office.

Each item must be clearly labeled with your child's full name.

It is common for children to cry, refuse food, or refuse to nap in the first few days. We provide extra support and feedback to parents of newly enrolled students. We suggest bringing a favorite snack from home for the first few days.

Settling Down

Our teachers are experienced and do their best to enable a child to feel comfortable at school. It can take anywhere between a couple of days to 3 weeks (sometimes more) for a child to settle down. We request parents to be patient and work with our team on making this happen.