Read The Foundations Montessori Frequently Asked Questions

AMS stands for American Montessori Society. A school may apply for the accreditation process. It takes 1-2 years to complete the entire process of applying for accreditation. There are rigorous standards to be met in terms of curriculum, teacher accreditation, school setup, equipment, etc.

TFM is currently on Step 4 of this 6 step process.

Children of a wider age range are grouped together in a Montessori environment to allow peer interaction, leadership development, and a family-like classroom community. For example, our toddler age group may range from 16 months to 36 months. Learning from peers is helpful as children observe routines in the classroom and build a desire to follow.

A 5-year-old child in a classroom of age group 3-6 years may seem ready and capable of moving into a new classroom; however, he is building on the important skill of leadership. This child takes great pride in completing assigned duties and working in a group with peers. He will build stronger self-esteem by mentoring a friend. This will do wonders for him as he ventures out into public school.

On any given day, your child has the opportunity to select his work. Our authentic Montessori environment at TFM provides many opportunities from which to choose. Children are presented with lessons for work and then given the opportunity to practice it themselves until they master it. The teacher records their progress as they practice and master a lesson.

Children develop concentration through practice and repetition of a lesson. This can last a short period or span a few days, depending on its complexity. Your child is constantly working, observing, and learning in the room. It just may not be paperwork that goes home frequently.

Yes, as per Texas education requirements, a child is eligible to enter 1st grade at the age of 6. A child must turn 6 years of age on or before September 1 of the academic school year. A child may complete Pre-K and Kindergarten at a private school before enrolling in Grade 1.

At TFM, we follow the guidelines for Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Kindergarten

Yes, we have a full-service kitchen with full-time staff. Joining our meal plan is optional for an additional monthly fee. Parents may opt to send meals from home.

Our meals are prepared fresh daily. We provide nutritional meals for breakfast and lunch. We provide organic milk, fresh seasonal fruits, and vegetables.

We do not serve beef and pork. We do serve chicken, turkey, eggs, and fish.

Vegetarian options are provided with each meal.

Yes in the age group 18 months -3 years, our teachers will introduce the concepts of toilet training and will guide parents on supplies needed and suggest the same routine for home.

Yes, to be enrolled in our Pre-Primary classrooms, a child must be completely toilet trained and able to use the restroom independently.